Class G36 and subclasses

Class G36

The G36 class consisted of 600 cars built by the PRR at their Sam Rea shops in 1958. These were given the series PRR 366300-366899.

CR 523550

Car is ex PRR 385962; was painted P62 6-76. (Color is off due to original slide being red-shifted)

CR 550356 - Class G36K?

CR 550356 is seen at Columbia, PA. Car is ex PC 550356.

CR 554347

Car is ex PRR 385650 and was built 2-59.

CR 554347 (Data)

Detail view of CR 554347 at Hollidaysburg, PA on 8/28/93.

CR 601297 - Class G36H

Conrail 601297 is seen at Temple, PA, equipped with steel supports for shipping large steel plates at an angle, allowing them to be transported in a regular train instead of a special high-and-wide movement.

CR 601297 - Class G36H

Car is ex PC 601297/PRR and was built 1-58.

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