Class G31 and subclasses

The PRR built 2900 G31 class gondolas at Altoona between 1948-1951. In 1951-52, the PRR also began building gondolas in subclasses G31A through G31E, which had wood floors instead of steel. Some cars in the G31D class were built with covers, extended sides and covers, or fitted with skids and hoods for steel coil service (as were some G31E cars). Rebuilds of G31 through G31E classes yielded the G31F - G31M classes.

Class G31A

The PRR built more than 4000 G31A gondolas at Altoona starting in 1951. The PRR rebuilt over 880 G31A gondolas with fixed-ends in 1967-68 at Hollidaysburg and reclassed them as G31K's. PC would later rebuild another 445 G31A's into G31K's as well. 

Class G31B

ACF built 2000 G31B class gondolas for the PRR in 1951. PRR reclassed almost 400 G31B's into G31L's by 1968. These cars kept the same PRR number after being reclassed. During 1968-1969, PC would rebuild 331 G31B's into G31L's at Altoona. 97 cars were rebuilt in 1968 and numbered PC 532002-532370. 233 cars were rebuilt in 1969 and numbered 534517-534749. 1 last car was rebuilt in 1969 and numbered PC 600102. All cars would be renumbered into the same series on CR.

Class G31K

The PRR rebuilt over 880 G31A gondolas with fixed-ends in 1967-68 at Hollidaysburg and reclassed them as G31K's. PC would later rebuild another 445 G31A's into G31K's and placing them into three different number series. PC 530000-532091 were built 1968, PC 534300-534481 in 1969 and PC 552695-552894 in 1973.

Class G31M

The G31M class was rebuilt from older G31C cars starting in late 1967.

CR 523140 - Class G31L

Conrail 523140 is seen at Enola, PA. Car is ex PRR 373193. Car was built as a G31B and later reclassed as a G31L.

CR 527342 Bethlehem, PA 12-17-1988

MOW gondola CR 64951 and CR 527342 rest at the Bethlehem engine terminal in December, 1988.

CR 532406 - Class G31L

CR 532406 is seen at Enola, PA

CR 534250 - Class G31E

Car is ex PC 534250/PRR. Photo taken Feb. 1984.

CR 534297 - Class G31E

CR 534297 is seen at Columbia, PA. Car is ex PC 534297/PRR.

CR engine terminal Bethlehem, PA 12-17-1988

Far from the busy early days of Conrail in 1977, the Bethlehem engine terminal and yard appeared almost unused in December, 1988.

Although the timeless steam-era coaling tower remains along with a few gondolas, all the LV Cornell red switchers and Alcos are long gone.

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