Flexi-Flo Service covered hoppers

Conrail offered Flexi-Flo service between shippers and transload terminals throughout its system. The NYC pioneered pressure-differential unloading of granular commodities like cement with the Flexi-Flo cars, which passed onto PC and CR. As Conrail retired Flexi-Flos, many were transferred to their MDT subsidiary.

Class 941H consists of 25 Flexi-Flo cars built by ACF in 1964, formerly numbered NYC 885800-885824.
Class 963H consists of 75 Flexi-Flo hoppers built by ACF in 1965, formerly NYC 885825-885899.
Class 996H consists of 120 Flexi-Flo hoppers built by ACF in 1966, formerly numbered NYC 885680-885799.
The H58 class was built by North American Car in 1974 as PC 898000-898109. Cars would become CR 898000-890109.
A former NYC Flexi-Flo covered hopper sports the large "can opener" CR logo at Selkirk yard in December, 1977. In the foreground, a light engine move through the yard includes Boston & Maine GP-18 1754 and GP-9's 1715 and 1721.

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