Class CR13A,B,C

Conrail's CR13A, CR13B, and CR13C classes were built by the Reading from 1968-70. They are 100-ton clones of the popular Pullman-Standard PS-2 design.

Class CR13A

Conrail's CR13A class was made up of 99 former Reading class LOs cars, interspersed throughout the 884975-885140 series. they were built by the Reading shops in 1970 from kits that are believed to have been supplied by Bethlehem Steel. These cars differed visually from the CR13B and C classes by the sections of ribs/corrugations on the roofs, and the lower-profile hatches.

Class CR13B

Conrail's CR13B class was made up of 150 cars from Reading class LOr. Built by the Reading shops from Bethlehem Steel kits in 1969, 81 of these cars had special linings for sugar service. They were placed into Conrail series 885141-885388.

Class CR13C

Conrail's CR13C class was composed of 100 cars from Reading class LOn, built at the Reading shops in 1968 from kits Bethlehem Steel likely supplied. Transferred into Conrail series 885389-885602, about half of these cars had the special plastic linings needed to serve Philadelphia's sugar refineries.

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