Class CE12A

Class CE12A was a group of 50 100-ton Pullman-Standard PS-2 cars built for the EL in the summer of 1966.

CR 876244 - Class CE12A

Conrail 876244 is seen at Cove, PA. Car is ex EL 21301.

CR 876270 - Class CE12A

Conrail 876270 is seen at Temple, PA. Car is ex EL 21321.

CR 876277 - Class CE12A

CR 876277 is seen at Hershey, PA. Car is ex EL 21326.

CR 876277 - Class CE12A

Car is ex EL 21326. (Color is off due to original slide being red-shifted)

CR 876282 - Class CE12A

Conrail 876282 is seen at Temple, PA. Car is ex EL 21330 and would later be sold by CR and become TCOX 108.

CR 876302 - Class CE12A

CR 876302 is seen at Allentown, PA. Car is ex EL 21347 and was painted at Hollidaysburg 1-86.

EL 21300 - Class CE12A

You can imagine my delight to find this Erie Lackawanna PS-2 covered hopper still in untouched EL paint (although a bit worse for the wear) at this late date. #21300 was the first in a group of 50 of these 100 ton cars, and it's at Sharonville, Ohio, May 1997, well over 20 years since the demise of the EL. Car would have become CR 876243.

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