2-bay Covered Hoppers

Class 843H

Class 843H was built by Pullman-Standard in June 1953 as NYC 882050-882649, totaling 600 cars.

Class 853H

Class 853H was built in 1955 as NYC 882650-882849.

Class 860H

Class 860H was a group of 77-ton cars built by Pullman-Standard in 1956 as NYC 883100-883499, totaling 400 cars.

Class C13A

Conrail's C13As were the only group of covered hoppers purchased new by Big Blue. The class of 400 cars was built by Pullman-Standard at Butler, PA in September 1977 and they had 100-ton capacities.

Class CC12A

The CC12A class of covered hoppers was built by North American Car Co. in 1967 for the CNJ as CNJ 1000-1099. Cars became CR 875284-875383. The entire class was eventually transfered to CSX after NS transfered their share of cars in 2001. Cars transfered from NS were renumbered into CSXT 229038-229089 series. The cars are rated at 100 tons, 2700 cuft and are 54ft long.

Class CC70C

Former CNJ cars

Class CC71A

Former CNJ cars

Class CE12A

Class CE12A was a group of 50 100-ton Pullman-Standard PS-2 cars built for the EL in the summer of 1966.

Class CE12B

Former EL cars

Class CL71A

Former LV cars

Class CL71C

Former LV cars

Class CR71A

Former RDG cars

Class CR71B

Former RDG cars

Class H49

The H49 class covered hoppers were built by Pullman Standard in 1966 as PRR 261245-261369. 52 cars carried their PRR numbers to Conrail and were renumbered to CR 884901-884972. The 64 cars that became PC 885315-885439 now became CR 885315-885439. PRR 261269 never got CR'ed. It was sold by Conrail and became TCOX 105 and was still in service in PRR paint as of 2003. Cars are rated at 100 tons, 3018 cuft & 41ft long.

Class H50

200 of these covered hoppers were built as PRR 261145-261244.

CR 877188 - Class CN70Z

CR 877188 is seen at Columbia, PA. Car is ex NH 117012.

CR 880445 - RDG Class LOp

CR 880445 is seen at Columbia, PA. Car is ex RDG 79179.

CR 880448 - RDG Class LOp

Car is ex RDG 79182 and was built 5-60.

EL 19230

EL 19230 is seen in storage at Hollidaysburg, PA.

PRR 2 Bay Covered Hopper

A surprise transfer on a mixed freight arrived in the snow at Morrisville in March, 1978. Behind the ARCO Polymer center flow hopper, a Southern Railway NW-2 1032 was coupled between a 2-bay PRR hopper and CR gondola 622811.

RDG 15012-RDG Class LOo

RDG 15012 is seen at Allentown, PA on 3/20/77. Car was weighed RDG 5-76.

RDG 93543 King of Prussia, PA 2-15-1982

Former RDG 2-bay covered hopper 93543 at the Abrams engine terminal in February, 1982.

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