Class G41A - Page 3

Conrail's G41A class was designed and built by the PRR at Hollidaysburg's Sam Rea shops. 268 cars were constructed between 1965 and 1968.

PC 622875 - Class G41A

Car is ex PRR; was painted P59 2-74.  It was later renumbered to CR 606318.  Before the split, it was assigned to NYC 606318, but went to NS instead, and was refurbished around Sep. 2000 as NS 610140, which was deleted on 4/7/14.

PRR 387117 Willow Grove, PA 12-11-1976

PRR Coil car 387117 in a mixed freight on the Trenton Cutoff at Willow Grove in December, 1976.

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