Coil Steel Cars

Conrail rostered a wide variety of coil cars. Their fleet was originally composed of cars of EL, RDG, NYC, PRR, and PC origins, and was augmented by several groups Conrail purchased over the years. Conrail even designed their own Coil cars, the distinctive CoilSHIELD series.

Conrail's class 984F was a group of 100 Evans Type I and Type II cars built as NYC 752000-752099, carrying those numbers onto PC before being renumbered by CR.
Conrail's F50 class was built at the former NYC Despatch Shops right before it closed in 1970, formerly PC 752100-752799. Cars were originally CR 752100-752799 but later moved to their current series, CR 627100-627799.
CR 623600-623699 & 623800-623899 were built by Thrall Car.
The G40 was a single-car class. Built as PRR 387000 in 1964, it was the 7-trough prototype for the G41 series of cars. Evidently the PRR felt that the extra trough wasn't useful enough to justify a larger and heavier car, so the G41s were all built with 6 troughs.
Former PRR cars
Conrail's G41A class was designed and built by the PRR at Hollidaysburg's Sam Rea shops. 268 cars were constructed between 1965 and 1968.

The G42E class of coil cars were built for the Rock Island as ROCK 955000-955024 by SEICO in 1977. Cars were acquired by CR in 1980 and renumbered to CR 627900-627924, but not in order.

Conrail's 300-car G52A class was built by Thrall at their Chicago plant in late 1977, numbered 628001-300
Conrail's G52B class was a group of 600 cars built by Portec in 1979-80 at their Winder, GA plant.
Conrail's G52S class was numbered from 631000 - 631137, built by Thrall Car in 1992.
Conrail's G52U class was numbered from 631238 - 631441, built by Thrall Car in 1993.
Conrail's GE52A, B, and C cars were built by Greenville for the EL in 1967-69, totaling 175 cars. Class GE52A were unique-looking transverse-style coil cars, whereas the GE52B and C cars were of a more traditional longitudinal design.
Former RDG cars
Conrail's GR42A class is composed of some of the 75 ex-Reading Evans 100-ton coil cars.
CR 602267 is seen with other CR coilcars in BAPI at Altoona PA on 7/30/97.
CR 606317 is seen at Columbia, PA. Car is ex PC 622578/PRR and was built 10-65. It was deleted on 9/30/2000 and reconditioned as NS 610009.
CR 631606 at Rochester, PA on 2/7/98.

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