60' Boxcars

Conrail inherited 60' boxcars from the PC, EL and Reading, and purchased several new classes during the early years. These were mainly dedicated to auto parts service. Conrail also rebuilt hundreds of older boxcars into high-cube B62 class cars at Hollidaysburg.

Class 141B

11 cars in class 141B, evidently built as PC 218000-218010 just after the creation of PC.

Class 143B

The 143B class consists of 5 cars built as PC 279010-279014.

Class 146B

The 146B class was built by PC at the former NYC Despatch Shops in early 1968 as PC 277000-277057 which became CR 277000-277057.

Class 932B

85 cars built by GSC as NYC 53000-53084 in 1963, originally for auto parts service.

Class 937B

Class 937B was composed of two groups of very similar cars built by Greenville in 1964. 41 cars had a 16'0" door opening and were originally assigned to Ford's Cleveland engine plant. 53 cars had a 16'4" door opening and were originally assigned to Chevy engine plants in Tonawanda, NY and Flint, MI

Class 938B

Class 938B was built by the Despatch Shops in 1964. 195 of the 200 cars were originally assigned to Various Ford engine and axle plants, with the remaining 5 cars assigned to Oldsmobile's Lansing axle plant.

Class 947B

Class 947B was built in 1964 at the Despatch Shops. The 204 cars in the class found themselves originally assigned to a wide range of GM and Chrysler auto parts plants.

Class 960B

Class 960B was a group of 372 cars built by Despatch Shops in 1965 and assigned originally to GM's Fisher Body division.

Class 961B

23 cars built by DSI in 1965 as NYC 53655-53677, orignally assigned to GMC "Hydramatic" auto parts service.

Class 972B

Class 972B was built at the Despatch Shops in 1965. The 52 cars were assigned originally to a variety of Chrysler auto parts plants.

Class 973B

Class 973B was built by Despatch Shops in 1965, comprised of 79 cars all originally assigned to Chrysler parts service.

Class 980B

Class 980B was a group of 48 cars built by Despatch Shops in 1965, all originally assigned to Chevy auto parts service

Class 985B

Class 985B was built by Pullman-Standard in 1966, totaling 81 cars.

Class 987B

The 987B class consists of 110 cars built by Pullman-Standard in 1966, which were given the series NYC 53860-53969.

Class 988B

Class 988B was a group of 344 cars built by Despatch Shops in 1966, all originally assigned to GM auto parts service.

Class 989B

The 989B class consists of 142 cars built in 1966. These were given the series NYC 56876-57017.

Class 990B

Class 990B was a group of 199 cars built by Despatch Shops in 1966 and assigned to Chrysler originally

Class B60B

The B60B class was created when Conrail rebuilt 33 former PC X64A class boxcars at their Hollidaysburg Car Shop in 1984 when they extended the height of the cars. These cars were numbered CR 277401-277429 and 277501-277504.

Class B60C

The B60C class was created when Conrail rebuilt 414 former PC X62 class boxcars at their Holidaysburg Car Shop in 1984 & 1985 when they extended the height of the cars. These cars were numbered CR 277101-277400 and 277601-277751.

Class B60D

The B60D class was created when Conrail rebuilt 115 former PRR X61F class boxcars at their Holidaysburg Car Shop in 1984 when they extended the height of the cars. These cars were numbered CR 277801-277916.

Class B62B, B62C, B62D, B62E, B62F & B62G Hollidaysburg Rebuilds

In a demonstration of Conrail's ever-present resourcefulness, Conrail rebuilt several aging classes of 60' auto parts boxcars into new high-cube cars at their Hollidaysburg Car Shops in the late 1980s.

Class B63A

Class B63A was built by Berwick Forge & Fabricating at Berwick, PA as a group of 122 cars in December of 1977. Conrail series 223001-122.

Class B63B

Conrail's B63B class was composed of 162 also built by Berwick in 1978. Because of differences with interior bulkheads and load-restraining apparatus, these cars differ in appearance from the older B63A classes primarily in the location of the "waffles" on the sides of the cars. Conrail 223301-223432 was equipped with bulkheads and rub rails for hauling engine blocks, while Conrail 223433-462 lacked these devices and were used in general pool service.

Class B63D

The B63D class was built by FGE at Alexandria VA in 1980 in two orders and number series. CR 222837-223000 and 283786-283851.

Class B65A

Conrail ordered a group of 190 class B65A RBL's from Fruit Growers Express in May of 1977, and were the only insulated boxcars built for Big Blue.

Class BE60A

Former EL cars

Class BE60B

Former EL cars

Class BE60C

Former EL cars

Class BE62D

Originally built by Pullman Standard in 1974 as EL 68080-68124 and became CR 218277-218321. 16 cars in this series renumbered to CR 282800-282815.

Class BE63A

Former EL cars

Class BE63B

Former EL cars

Class BE63C

Former EL cars

Class BE63D

Former EL cars

Class BH62A

The BH62A class consists of various 60' boxcars leased by Conrail from Helm. An interesting feature of this group is the simple paint job with only the Quality logo above the reporting marks.

Class BP62A

Former SSW class B-70-70 (from SSW series 63460-63659, built by PC&F) boxcars leased by Conrail in 2-90; all were returned by 6-95.

Class BR62A

The BR62A class was originally built as RDG 19000-19049 by Berwick in 1973 and classed as XLL . Only 22 cars were renumbered into the original series of CR 279771-279860. The other 28 cars were renumbered into the CR 279379-279757 series. RDG 19005 lasted well into the CR era before being renumbered CR 279420 in Feb. of 1997.

Class BR62B

Former EL cars

Class BR62D

Former RDG cars

Class X59

The X59 class was built as PRR 90090-90264 by ACF in 1965. 10 cars carried their PRR numbers to CR and were renumbered CR 211051-211061. Another 42 cars that carried their PRR numbers to CR became CR 218415-218456. PC renumbered the X59's into three different series which totaled 120 cars. 11 cars were renumbered to PC 218763-218774, 95 cars were renumbered to PC 220294-220464 & 14 cars were renumbered to PC 281030-281043. The PC cars would be renumbered into the same series on Conrail.

Class X59A

Class X59A was built by Pullman-Standard for the PRR in late 1967/early 1968, numbering 106 cars

Class X61 and Subclasses

The PRR X61 classes were all constructed at the Sam Rea Shops from 1965-67, and were a mixture of single 10'-door cars and double 8'-door cars.

Class X62

CR 274825-275128,275138-275398 ex PC same #. CR 274825-275067 built by Dispatch Shops in 1968. 274068-275128,275138-275398 built by Altoona during 1969-1970. 

Class X62A

CR 275129-275137, 275412-275443, & 278005-278044 ex PC same #. 275129-275137 built in 1969, 275412-275443 built in 1970 & 278005-278044 built in 1968. All cars built at Altoona.

Class X62B

Former PC cars

Class X63

Former PC cars

Class X64 and X64A

The PC's Sam Rea shops built 270 X64 boxcars from 1968-1969. In 1970 Sam Rea also constructed 79 X64A cars in 1970.

Class X66

CR 279470-279504 ex PC same #. Cars were built by Altoona in 1969.

Class X66A

Former PC cars

Class X76

Former PC cars

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