Class X75

Conrail's X75 class was originally built by Pullman-Standard under lot #9602 in 10/1972 in a 500-car order, series PC 168000-168499. Many of these 77-ton cars were used in paper or other clean-lading service, denoted by the yellow or green door.

BCRX 159012 - Class X75

BCRX 159012 is seen at Duncannon, PA, sometime after Sep. 1986, in the employ of GE Railcar Services. Car later became JCLX 159012 and then USAX 29422.

CR 159036 - Class X75

Conrail 159036 is seen at Temple, PA

CR 159130 - Class X75

Conrail 159130 is seen at Lancaster, PA

CR 209338 - Class X75

Conrail 209338 is seen at Mifflin, PA in the 1980s

CR 215272 - Class X75

Conrail 215272 is seen in storage at Rutherford, PA

CR 215288 - Class X75

CR 215288 is seen at Columbia, PA, fall of 1979 or later.

CR 215313 - Class X75

Conrail 215313 is seen in storage at Rutherford, PA

CR 215387 - Class X75

Conrail 215387 is seen at Mifflin, PA in the early 1980s. This car is equipped with a less-common Superior door, painted yellow to indicate the car is in paper service.

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