From 40' hand-me-downs from the predecessor roads to massive new 86' hi-cube auto parts cars, Conrail had almost every type of boxcar imaginable.

Although not a major part of Conrail's freight car fleet, some 40' cars from predecessor roads did soldier on in revenue service into the 1980s.
Conrail inherited 50' boxcars from nearly every predecessor road. So many, in fact, that hundreds went into storage within several years of Conrail's creation.
Conrail inherited 60' boxcars from the PC, EL and Reading, and purchased several new classes during the early years. These were mainly dedicated to auto parts service. Conrail also rebuilt hundreds of older boxcars into high-cube B62 class cars at Hollidaysburg.
Conrail owned the largest fleet of hi-cube auto parts cars of any railroad. They inherited 86' high-cube boxcars from the PC and EL, and also acquired cars secondhand from the ATSF, CSX, DRGW, DTI, DTS, GTW, and WCRC. Conrail also purchased several groups of newly-built 86-footers.

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