TTBX Bi-Levels

TTBX 910130 - Rack Class ML2A

TTBX 910130 with a CR class ML2A rack was photographed at Linwood, IA on 10/17/84.

TTBX 910693 - Rack Class ML2A

TTBX 910693 with CR class ML2A Portec rack is seen at an unknown location in May 1987. It was later deracked as JTTX 910693, then later converted to chain tie-down flat ITTX 910693.

TTBX 911012

TTBX 911012, carrying a CR rack with a load of Ford vans, was photographed at Peru, Indiana on the N&W in June 1988. It apparently was damaged in a derailment in nearby Logansport, IN and was being moved away with other wrecked cars.

At a later date, it was de-racked and became JTTX 911012 (load-up car?), then later reconfigured as PTTX 911012 pipe flat.

TTBX 912366 - Rack Class ML2A

Rack number is CR 2090(??), rack class ML2A. (Color is off due to original slide being red-shifted)

TTBX 964338

TTBX 964338 was photographed heading east on the UP at Green River, Wyoming in July 1989. Flat is a BSH11 built in 1972.

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