Conrail rostered a wide assortment of autoracks. From aging open racks dating back to predecessor roads to modern, fully-enclosed TTX cars, you can find them here.

BTTX 913832 with PRR Rack

BTTX 913832 and PRR rack with a load of GMC vans. (To right of road number car is stenciled - "When empty, return to C & O RY Flint, MI"). Photo taken March 1977 in the Scottsdale, AZ area.

CR 786545

Quick shot of partially-enclosed autorack CR 786545 rolling through Marion, OH on an NS train heading north towards Bucyrus on 5/4/93.

CR 786569

CR 786569 is seen at Stockton CA on 9/3/82.

KTTX 900950

KTTX 900950 with a PRR "Lo-Tri-Pak" rack was photographed at Davis (S. Chapel St.), Newark, DE on 8/15/76.

MDAX 1846

MDAX 1846, with a damaged tri-level CR rack, was photographed at Mansfield, OH on 11/12/77.

TTSX 256154 - Rack Class ML2C

TTSX 256154 (Rack # CR 1677, class ML2C) is seen on a westbound UP freight at Hastings, NE on 5/6/1992, with a load of new US Postal Service Grumman LLV's.

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