Foreign Power on Conrail - Page 6

Occasionally, power from other roads would venture on CR's rails. Run-through power from western roads could be seen on interchange trains at Yards like Elkhart and Avon, while power from CSX and NS could be found on interchange trains to and from Selkirk and Allentown.

CR 6242 TV9 at Washington, MA. on 7/2/99. (1)

C40-8W 6242 on TV9 at Washington depot, MA. on July 2, 1999. UP 9564 in the trail.

CR 6242 TV9 at Washington, MA. on 7/2/99. (2)

UP 9564 trails along on TV9 at Washington depot, MA. on July 2, 1999.

CR 6262 Springfield, MA 03-02-1977

Springfield, Massachusetts was the most significant rail freight gateway in New England throughout the Conrail era. In this shot we see train M-7 southbound around noon on 2 March 1977. In this atypical lash-up PC 6262 is an SD40, EL 2563 is a GP35, and CNW 924 is an SD40.

CR 6343 and 8101 Phoenixville PA, 8/11/1991

SD40-2 6343, GP38-2 8101 and a pair of CSX-family SD50s tagging along lead ZBB-11 at Phoenixville, Pennsylvania on 8/11/91.
The westbound ore out of Philadelphia takes a ride on the Reading on its way to Bethlehem.

CR 6377 leads a Chessie System detour move on the Pittsburgh Line, 11/85

SD40-2-6377 is leading Chessie System GP38-3815 & SD40s-7561, 7575 on a W/B TOFC train on the ex PRR Middle Division. With the Juniata River on the left, this view is from PA Rt. 333 looking eastward. This is probably another detour train from CS due to storm damage on Sand Patch Grade & Rowlesburg.

CR 6438 and NS 6155 Enola, PA 9/24/1989

Ten years before NS took over Enola, the Conrail - NS run through train from Roanoke enters its Enola destination.  CR 6438 SD-40-2 leads NS SD-40-2 6155.

CR 6455 Ft. Montgomery, NY 11/5/97

CR 6455 is at the head end of a rainbow lash-up on SECS at Ft. Montgomery, NY. on Nov. 5, 1997. Included are SP 7862 and CSX 6346.

CR 6471 Eddystone, PA 05-08-1996

A worthy pair of EMD SD40-2s muscle UEP-26's 12,711 tons of coal in 97 cars towards the Philadelphia Electric Company's power plant in Eddystone, PA. Trailing unit is UP 3306.

CR 6480 west TV 201 Waverly 07101998

ML 401 rolls west through Waverly on a summer morning. A pair of CSX units aid in the effort to get a string of auto racks to Buffalo.

CR 6499 west OIBU Waverly 11131996

OIBU with a variety of power, including NS C30-7 8034, rolls through downtown Waverly.

CR 6515 west TV Dewitt 11141995

An unnamed TV train's power backs down through Dewitt for a pick up on a typically snowy Syracuse day. Second unit is UP 3572.

CR 6563 (1) at Chester, MA. on 1/25/92.

SERE-X approaching the Middlefield Rd. overhead bridge near MP 127 in Chester, MA. on Jan. 25, 1992. The MEC SD40 was one of several such animals which were working off HP hours owed to CR by Guilford accrued from CR power going "off line" on Guilford with run-through trains LASE/SELA and NESE/SENE.

CR 6569 Cameron Mills, NY 5/1/1994

A rainy day finds OIBU-3 streaking through Cameron Mills, NY in May 1994. CR C30-7A 6569, SD50s 6798, CSX 7765, and CSX 7517 add a little more color to an otherwise dull day.

CR 6585 at Chester, MA. on 1/8/94. (2)

Going way view of flanger/light engine move in Chester, MA. on Jan. 8, 1994.

CR 6589 Selkirk,NY 4/93

SENS-1 turns the power. CR 6589 will be the leader for the southbound River Line train

CR 6593 Selkirk, NY 10-12-1991

CR C30-7a 6593, B&M GP40 329 (exCR 3245) and C30-7a's 6592 and 6589 power SEPW-1 approaching the C astleton Bridge Selkirk, NY on 10/12/1991 my 24th year employed on the railroad.

CR 6599 at Brookfield, MA. on 10/4/91. (2)

TV80W at MP 67, Brookfield station on Oct. 4, 1991. Following behind the 6599 is MEC 601, one of several GTI/MEC SD40's assigned to CR to work off horsepower hours.

CR 6620 Cresson, PA 10-18-1997

A Conrail westbound is stopped at CP MO to cut off it's helper. C36-7 # 6620 is one of the two C36-7's to carry the "Ballast Express" lettering under the number, 6621 being the other. Neither one would get painted gray as did the ballast express C32's. A pair of Southern Pacific EMD units trail the Conrail GE.

CR 6622 in Middlefield, MA. on 3/19/92. (1)

C36-7 6622 leads a air of GTI/MEC SD40's with BOSE around the horseshoe at mile 128.75 in Middlefield, MA. on March 19, 1992.

CR 6622 in Middlefield, MA. on 3/19/92. (2)

MEC/GTI SD40's 603 and 604 working off horsepower hours on BOSE in Middlefield, MA. on March 19, 1992.

CR 6628 Middlefield, MA 5/22/1993

CR 6628 with TV10C at mile 128.8 in Middlefield, MA. at 07:12 on the morning of May 22, 1993. MEC 604 is working off horsepower hours.

CR 6637 Chester, MA 5/22/1993

CR 6637 leads SEBO past MP 127 at 06:58 in Chester, MA. on May 22, 1993. MEC SD40 601 is working off horsepower hours owed to CR by GTI.

CR 6654 Akron, OH 08-16-1977

A caboose hop heads west through Akron,Ohio on the former Erie Lackawanna main, destination Creston,Ohio and the N&W interchange there. The EL and N&W had interchanged ore trains there prior to Conrail, and this practice continued a couple of years after the merger. A pair of ex EL SD45-2's bracket a CN M636, and a former DL&W caboose brings up the markers. The 6654 survives today as Norfolk Southern 1700 and can usually be found in the New Jersey shared assets lines.

CR 6726 east ML 440 Hunt 10081994

ML 440 rolls through Hunt on the now single track line, a new Rule 261 signal replacing the semaphore that stood approximately where the new light stands. Track 2, which was in worse shape than track 1, has been removed, and track 1 upgraded. The leader on this train is one of the units painted to promote US Savings Bonds. The trailing unit is NS 6189. Behind the power are 17 cars of COFC, and 78 auto racks for Doremus Av.

CR 6728 Plymouth, OH 04-26-1997

CR 6728 SD-50 and UP 9496 are southbound on Conrail's Youngstown Line on BUPI-6 near the Route 11 bridge and Seven Hills Road in Plymouth Township, Ohio

CR 6749 at Chester, MA. on 10/10/98. (1)

TV-6 rolls past the old coaling tower and helper station behind a mixed bag of power at Chester, MA. on Oct. 10, 1998.

CR 6749 at Chester, MA. on 10/10/98. (2)

EsPee SD45T-2 6796 is second out on SEPW at Chester, MA. on Oct. 10, 1998.

CR 6749 at Chester, MA. on 10/10/98. (3)

UP C40-8 9193 has the trail in SEPW at Chester, MA. on Oct. 10, 1998.

CR 6773 Asthabula, OH 4/30/1991

Conrail 6773 and UP 4277 pull a southbound string of empties out of the harbor yard as the approach the Lake Ave Bridge symboled YAS-12.

CR 6792 West Brownsville, PA 2/90

Mixed Conrail and Monongahela power reverses back into the yard to pick up MTY's before heading south..

CR 6800 Lock Haven U. 4/1991

BUEN-5 is led by 6800-6723-UP 6025 4/91

CR 6807 east BUOI Kirkwood 06201994

BUOI rolls through Kirkwood behind a trio of units, including help from NS 8027.

CR 6807, a CNW and a CSX Unit Marysville, PA 5/28/1994

An eastbound Conrail train is waiting at CP Banks to head in toward Enola.

CR 6831 Marysville PA, 5/28/1994

A Conrail SD50 leads some CSX units on an eastbound tied up in the controlled siding at CP Banks.

CR 6841 Hudson, OH 09-07-1985

Conrail tried out EMD SD-60 demo units in 1985. Here a pair, EMD 4 and 1, back a loaded ore train through Hudson interlocking and onto the Akron Branch 09-07-85. The crew was outlawing and both mains were needed clear for other traffic, hence this move. Conrail must have liked what they saw as they purchased 3 of the 4 demos and eventually added more after that.

CR 6865 in Hinsdale, MA. on 9/3/93. (2)

"MEC/Gill-fuhd" SD40's are "horsepower-hour hostages" on TV10A in Hinsdale, MA.

CR 7854 Perryville, MD 3/80

The photographer gets a friendly wave from the crew of CR 7854 as it pulls outlawed D&H RPPY-6 into the clear of the single track @ Perryville, MD. The B&O's huge Susquehanna River Bridge looms in the background.

CR 8031 Howells Jct NY 6-77

CR GP38-2 8031, CNW GP30 809 & CR GP40 3006 lead NY74 at Howells Jct NY in 6-77.

CR 8276 Camp Hill PA, 12/21/1986

Norfolk Southern run-through power was often a frequent find on ENRO and ROEN, the NS interchange trains from Enola to Roanoke. Here a high hood GP lends some muscle to the southbound ENRO working through Camp Hill PA.

CR 9213 & DH 7320 Hornell, NY 6/24/1978

An Eastbound D&H freight and a CR switcher at Hornell

CR 9998 Hornell, NY 4/30/1978

While CR 9998 sits on a siding, a Westbound D&H train arrives for a recrew.

CRL 28 Chicago, IL 10-01-1994

CRL GP7 No. 28 and GP9 No. 58 head east on Conrail's Chicago Junction Railway track at the Butler Switch in October 1994. The eastbound transfer is about to duck under the C&WI and Conrail's Chicago Line. Conrail's CJ Nos. 2 and 3 Mains swing of to the right to connect with the Chicago Line at CP518. The abandoned C&WI 40th Street Tower is visible at right. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CRL 613 South Chicago, IL 09-01-1997

CRL(Chicago Rail Link) GP9s Nos. 613 and 614 lead a westbound train on Conrail's Chicago Line at the Calumet River Bridge Signal, in September 1997. The dwarf signal in the foreground is for Conrail's River Line. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CRL Chicago, IL 10-01-1994

An eastbound Chicago Rail Link transfer is seen on Conrail's CJ No. 2 Main at the Butler Switch in October 1994. The train is headed for Metra's Rock Island District at Root Street Tower. The light tower in the background used to illuminate the Halsted Street crossovers, it's now at the Illinois Railway Museum. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CSL 31 Hammond, IN 10-01-1994

Chicago Short Line SW1500 No. 31 and SW1001 No. 29 are seen as they prepare to depart Conrail's Colehour Yard with a transfer in October 1994. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CSL 31 South Chicago, IL 9-1-1997

A Conrail freight behind BNSF (former BN) LMX power(most likely ELBN) holds at the Calumet River home signal, while a CSL train heads west on Conrail's Chicago Line behind SW1500 No. 31 and SW1001 No. 28, in September 1997. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CSX 6240 on SECS Ridgefield Park, NJ 10-1997

Folks, this is not a post split image. The CSX locomotives were foreign power at the time. CSX 6240, CSX 6236 and unidentified CSX six axle GE still in Family Lines colors are on SECS at Ridgefield Park, NJ 10/1997. CSX GP40-2's and B36-7's were common lead units of CSSE and SECS due to cab signal requirements on the former RF&P.

CSX 6243 on ML-403 Iona Island, NY 4-7-1998

No folks, this is NOT a post split photo. CSX 6243, CSX 7500 and an unidentified CR SW-1500 are on ML-403 at Iona Island, NY 4/7/1998. The CSX power on this train is unusual as CSX power was generally found on CSSE and SECS.

CSX 6249 Bear Mountain, NY 10-1998

CSX 6249 is on the point of SECS at Bear Mountain, NY 10/1998

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