Foreign Power on Conrail - Page 5

Occasionally, power from other roads would venture on CR's rails. Run-through power from western roads could be seen on interchange trains at Yards like Elkhart and Avon, while power from CSX and NS could be found on interchange trains to and from Selkirk and Allentown.

CNW 929 Rochester, NY 7/1977

A leased CNW SD-40 is the trailing unit on this power that is backing into the yard for a pickup. Early CR had leased power from several sources, including CNW, CN, BAR, & Precision National.

Coal train at Lucknow, PA. on 8/20/85. (1)

Coal train headed for Enola passes beneath the Linglestown Rd. overhead on Aug. 20, 1985. We were all enamored of that pair of "Cheesey System" GP30's on the point.

Coal train at Lucknow, PA. on 8/20/85. (2)

CR 1994 and Chessie 6938 in the coal train at Linglestown Rd.

Coal train at Lucknow, PA. on 8/20/85. (3)

CR 2706 and 1993, along with "Cheesy" GP-9 6565, bring up the trail position in the coal train in Lucknow, PA.

Conrail/SOO/CRL meet at South Chicago, IL

Doug calls this shot "Conrail without Conrail." Actually, there is one Conrail train here, the westbound ELBN with BNSF LMX power. Meanwhile, a Soo Line trackage rights train heads east on Conrail's Chicago Line behind a CP/I&M Rail Link duo. A CRL transfer from Colehour Yard waits on the No. 3 Running Track, at right, in September 1997. This was not an unusual occurrance along the Chicago line, especially west of Elkhart, as you could sometimes see three or four trains in a row with foreign power before seeing one with Conrail power again.  Doug Davidson photo with permission

CP 4239 Dalton, NY 5-6-1993

On the way back to the motel, we ran into this guy in Canaseraga. The shadows had already overtaken the area, so I thought if the train and I both hurried back up to Dalton, we might catch the last rays. JUST made it!

CP 5578 Packerton, PA 4-14-1997

Two CP SD40-2s, a Susquehanna B40-8, and another two CP SD40-2s are at the former Lehigh Valley yard in Packerton with CP train 556.

CP 5635 Nicholes, NY 5/27/1995

D&H/CP train 557 with a pair of CP SD-40-2s at Nichols.

CP 5642 Miller, IN 09-01-1998

An eastbound CP trackage rights train led by CP SD40-2 5642 is seen on Conrail's Chicago Line approaching Miller, in September 1998. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CP 5645 on DHT9 at Chemung, NY 5/5/93

CP 5645 leads DHT9 at Chemung, NY. on 5/5/93. The old station can be seen near the rear of the train on the curve in the distance.

CP 5645 on DHT9 at West Rathbone, NY 5/5/93

CP 5645 leads DHT9 passed semaphore 308-2 in West Rathbone, NY on 5/5/93.

CP 5819 South Chicago, IL 09-01-1997

A Soo Line train heads east on Conrail's Chicago Line at the Calumet River Bridge, in September 1997. CP SD40-2 No. 5819 and I&M Rail Link(IMRL) SD45 No. 370 are on the point. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CP 6006 Portageville, NY 10/18/1995

An Eastbound CP/D&H train crosses the Portage Bridge with a mix of CP & CR power.

CP 6031 Gary, IN 01-1993

CP westbound led by SD40-2 6031 on Conrail's Chicago Line at Miller, IN(near Gary) behind SD40-2 No. 6031, in January 1993. This train is a trackage rights train off the CSX at Porter, IN on its way to its home rails in Chicago. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CP 674 Allentown, PA 11/15/1992

A pair of consecutively numbered former Kansas City Southern SD40-2s sit just north of Allentown on CP train 266.

CP 676 Dalton, NY 5/7/93

CP 676 takes DHT9 through Dalton, New York on May 7, 1993. The CP acquired several of these ex KCS SD40's and a quick "patch job" resulted in what was known as the "reverse CP scheme".

CR 2181 Tallmadge, OH 09-12-77

An odd group of units are westbound on the former Erie Lackawanna in Tallmadge, Ohio (near Akron) in September of '77. The ex Reading Lines and Penn Central units are no surprise, but that ex Florida East Coast GP7, PNC 1507 in this photo, certainly adds to the color riot that was early CR. It's a very typical late 70's Conrail scene from over my way- doors flapping in the breeze on the units, under maintained power smoking it up, and a weed infested ex EL line that is slowly returning to nature. Little remains at this location today.

CR 2579 Ashtabula, OH

Conrail 2579 rests between assignments in the former Conrail Ashtabula Harbor Ohio Yard (now owned by NS)

CR 2628 Ramapo NY 2-78

CR 2628 leads BAR 87 and a CR GP40 on a combined PO98 & BM-4 at Ramapo NY in 2-78.

CR 2751 Galltzen, PA 10/24/77

Long hood running U23B 2751 leads a leased CN GP38W on a westbound grain mty as a eastbound gets a shove to the summit.

CR 2831 Akron, OH 10-10-78

Conrail leased many units from Precision National Corp in those first couple of years to help it through the power crunch. Here in Akron, Ohio a pair of CR U30B's have a pair of PNC geeps between them as they back up to their train on the former EL. In order : 2831, 545, 562, 2881.

CR 2923 Susquehanna, PA 8-17-1985

Ex CR working for the D&H on CR track...what goes around, comes around...I guess. Former CR U33B 2923 leads EDNW through Susquehanna, PA. on Aug. 17, 1985.

CR 3315 Blandon, PA 10-01-1990

PIOI rolls through Blandon with two Geeps sandwiching two UP SD40-2's. CP-Blandon MP7.8 CR Reading Line

CR 3644 Altoona, PA 4-1-1996

Conrail GP35 3644 (ex-RDG 3644) is seen behind the E&M Shop at Juniata along with a Santa Fe "Kodachrome" C30-7 8032 in April, 1996. Based on the photo date, the aging GP35 is definitely on borrowed time.

CR 5001 meets CNW 5070 W.Haverstraw, NY 1-7-1991

TVLA-7 with B36-7 5001 meets TV204 with CNW 5070 @ West Haverstraw, NY

CR 5024 in Hinsdale, MA. on 9/26/98. (1)

B36-7 5024 leads a mixed lash-up with ML482 at the summit in Hinsdale, MA. on Sept. 26, 1998. UP SD40-2 3326 trails. GE B36-7's were never common on the B&A. CR tried them out on the Boston line when they were new, as they did with the B40-8's, but must have come to the conclusion that the high horsepower 4 axles weren't suited to the grades and curves of the route.

CR 5024 in Hinsdale, MA. on 9/26/98. (2)

UP SD40-2 3326 has the trail in ML482 at the summit in Hinsdale, MA. on Sept. 26, 1998.

CR 5032 Reading, PA 02-27-1994

Conrail B36-7 5052 is leading a pair of Santa Fe units on PIOI at CP-Belt in Reading, PA on 2/27/1994

CR 5032 Walnuttown, PA 02-27-1994

Conrail B36-7 5032 is seen leading a pair of Santa Fe Dash-8s on PIOI at Walnuttown, PA on 2/27/1994

CR 5571 Hecton, PA 8/15/1993

Passing its Buffalo-bound counterpart, Enola-bound train BUEN rolls south on the former PRR Northern Central, with BN SD60MAC 9503 in tow.

CR 5627 Rochester, PA 1/1999

Conrail SD60I leads TV1 through Rochester, PA back in January of 1999. JB Kerr Photo

CR 5631 Corunna, IN 06-11-1996

Conrail SEBR-1 with 5631 and CNW 6913 on the point at Corunna, IN on June 11, 1996

CR 5635 at Huntington, MA. on 7/5/97. (1)

And what are the chances of getting consecutively numbered locos on consecutive trains on the same day? SD60I 5635 with TV9 and a visitor from out west, SP B30-7 7838, at Huntington, MA. at 08:56 on July 5, 1997.

CR 5635 at Huntington, MA. on 7/5/97. (2)

Going away shot of TV9's head end shows the SP 7838, a B30-7, and CR 6031 at Huntington, MA. on July 5, 1997.

CR 5639 Manville, NJ 4-1999

CR 5639, SP 7385 and UP 9225 are on OIPI going off the Lehigh Line onto the Trenton Line at Port Reading Jct. in Manville, NJ 4/1999.

CR 6017 Fredrickstown, Pa 2-18-1990

CR C39-8 6017, SD50 6752, DE SD40 012 and DE U30C 019 power a southbound DEEX unit train past the abandonned load-out @ Fredrickstown, Pa on the Monogahela Railroad 2/18/1990

CR 6069 Buffalo, NY 10-02-1992

After running up the Buffalo Line from Enola, ENBU doubles it's train into Frontier yard. Helping out CR 6069 this day are two CSX units: U30C 7250 and GP40 6849. It's October 1992, many years before the split of Conrail, but the CSX units are a harbinger of things to come at Frontier- and the CR unit would become property of NS.

CR 6071 Alburtis, PA 03-01-1992

ALSR1's power passes Smith Lane. The consist itself is still heading through the interlocking at CP-Alburtis.

CR 6091 Altoona, PA 6-24-1998

CR 6091 and UP 3185 are being led by SD40-2 helper units on a westbound freight around Horseshoe Curve June 24, 1998. That UP engine was the only non Conrail engine I seen during the entire time I was on there.

CR 6104 Ashtabula, OH 10-23-1993

Conrail C40-8W 6104 leads Westbound BUPI-3 on track four through Ashtabula, Ohio near MP 126.7

CR 6121 on TV200 at Ravena, NY 10-14-1997

C40-8W 6121 and CSX SD40-2 8172 power TV200 South @ Ravena, NY

CR 6132 Topton, PA 3/19/1993

C40-8Ws 6132 and 6102, UP SD40-2 4245, B36-7 5015, and SD50 6709 are on the head end of OIEN seen heading west through Topton in March of 1993.

CR 6142 west TV Dewitt 11071995

An unidentified westbound TV train pumps air at Dewitt before heading west with 106 platforms and 6 COFC on a gray afternoon. UP 3572 trails.

CR 6150 Ingalls, IN 05-20-1996

Conrail INGR-0 at Ingalls, IN on May 20, 1996. Note the CNW EMD and GE trailing the 6150

CR 6159 Alliance, OH 10-11-1997

Conrail C40-8W 6159 leads Eastbound TV-12MX on Conrail's Cleveland Line in Alliance, Ohio.

CR 6171 Bryan, OH 01-23-1999

Westbound PIEL-3A with the 6171, a couple of CP SD40's, and some other EMD's on the point pass the old grain elevator at Bryan, OH on January 23, 1999

CR 6189 Fortville, IN 05-20-1996

Conrail 6189 and UP EMD lead INST-0 at Fortville, IN on May 20, 1996

CR 6222 in Washington, MA. on 1/4/94. (2)

P&W 2007 in SEFR at Ballou's on Jan. 4, 1994. The P&W would occasionally send a unit out to Amtrak's Rensallear shop for installation of ACSES, but those units usually went in an Amtrak light engine move, so not sure why this unit is in a Conrail train.

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