Foreign Power on Conrail - Page 13

Occasionally, power from other roads would venture on CR's rails. Run-through power from western roads could be seen on interchange trains at Yards like Elkhart and Avon, while power from CSX and NS could be found on interchange trains to and from Selkirk and Allentown.

WC 6601 Ligonier, IN 8-2-1996

WC 6601, 6650(a rare F45), and 6630 lead train ZAK-161 east of Ligonier, IN on August 2, 1996. The ZAK iron ore trains ran from the WC to a steel plant in Middletown, OH and lasted only a few months on Conrail(May to October) in 1996 before CSX was awarded the contract from the steel plant for this business.

WC 7496 Bryan, OH 10-28-1998

WC 7496 and fellow SD45 leads eastbound UWB-5B near the 344 signals just west of Bryan, OH on October 28, 1998. This was not only a rare iron ore move but also a rare chance of catching WC power on Conrail, which didn't happen very often. Chris Howe photo

WC 7502 Whiting, IN 9-1-1998

An eastbound Conrail freight, possibly CWEL, departs Colehour Yard at Whiting, IN in September 1998,behind WC SD45 No. 7502, Conrail SD40-2 No. 6474, and a Conrail GP15-1. Doug Davidson photo with permission

WC 7522 Bryan, OH 11-18-1998

As my friend Jason waves at the crew, WC 7522 and fellow SD45 leads COEL at Bryan, OH on November 18, 1998. This was the only time I ever saw WC power on COEL. Chris Howe photo

Westbound freight Pittsburgh, PA 1997

A westbound freight is approaching CP-Bell in 1997 with some CSX power pinch-hitting. The Pennsylvania Railroad was famous for building flyovers to allow rail traffic to flow unimpeded by opposing movements. Here we have a train exiting OC Bridge after crossing the Ohio River and making its way to the middle of the main line from Pittsburgh by using the flyover. This will place it between the eastbound and westbound Pittsburgh Line tracks, eliminating the need to hold out opposing movements at the interlocking for a crossover move. At the same time, a Pittsburgh bound train from Conway passes by and will soon cross under the rear end of the train seen in the photo. Our vantage point, now surrounded by trains, is the old intermodal yard. It was rendered obsolete when the clearance improvement project rerouted intermodal trains around Pittsburgh on the Mon Line, sending them over this location on the OC bridge.

Woodard Station CNSE11101995

The Woodard station on the Montreal Secondary served as a yard office for a local based there. Sometimes road trains on the Montreal Secondary would hold there, such as CNSE on this snowy morning in November 1995-not an unusual situation for Syracuse. The station is looking like it needs a coat of paint. I'm betting it hasn't seen one since NYC days.

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