N8D (Former EL / DL&W) Cabooses

The N8D class cabooses were former EL (and DL&W before that) "Keyser Valley" cabooses.

Conrail's N8D cabooses originally ran in regular service, then they were switched over to transfer service (and renumbered) in the summer of 1981 when it mistakenly was thought the frames were structurally insufficient for mainline use (they were built on former tender frames).

In mainline service, they were in the 22000 series and while in transfer service, the 19000 series.

CR 19900 - Class N8D
CR 19900 - Class N6A
Former CR 22000/EL C880 in storage at Rutherford, PA on 4/30/1983.
CR 19908 ex CR 22013/EL C885.

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