N8A and N8B Rebuilt New Haven NE-5 and NE-6 Cabooses

Penn Central rebuilt a number of former NH NE-5 and NE-6 cabooses with the addition of bay windows.

CR 23508 ex PC 23508/NH 515.
Former PC 23508/NH 515 at West Brownsville, PA on 2/25/1989.
Former PC 23531/NH 539 at Rutherford, PA on 11/12/1983. This caboose was formerly part of the NE-6 class, but was reclassed when its cupola windows were plated over and bay windows were added.
Former PC 23536/NH 545 at Conway, PA on 4/24/76.
Former PC 23544/NH 554 is seen at Cresson, PA on 12/2/1984.
Former PC 23544/NH 554 is seen at Cresson, PA on 11/17/1984.
N8B caboose CR 23570 is seen with SW1500's CR 9503 and 9593 at Steelton, PA on 11/24/1984. CR 23570 ex NH 582.
CR 23575 ex PC 23575/NH 587.
Former PC 23643/NH 661 is seen at Lewistown, PA on 10/28/1984. The N8A's are former NE6 cabooses with their cupola windows plated over and bay windows added.
CR 23651 (former NH 671) at Delray tower, Detroit, MI in May 1977.
Former PC 23660/NH 684 in storage at Rutherford, PA on 6/5/1983.
Former PC 23667/NH 693 is at Rose Yard - Altoona, PA on 4/17/99. It was built 8-48.
CR 23668 (former PC 23668/NH C695) on the rear of westbound empty hoppers at Harrisburg, PA on 11/1/80.

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