N8 (ex Penn Central / ex-PRR) Cabooses - Page 3

Conrail's N8 cabooses came from the Penn Central, who had inherited them from the Pennsylvania. The N8 looks very much like a stretched N5C with the distinctive streamlined cuploa. There are three easy spotting features to tell the two apart. The N8 has longer end platforms with "shields", square side windows and a smaller cupola than the N5C.

CR local Hershey, PA 5-1-1996

A Conrail local freight is seen servicing the Hershey Chocolate Plant at Hershey, PA, in May 1996. The caboose appears to be an old N8B. Doug Davidson photo with permission

N8 On a Coal Train at Tamaqua Tunnel

An ex-PRR N8 cabin car trails a coal train entering Tamaqua Tunnel. Note the early EOT mounting on the rear.

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