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Conrail's N8 cabooses came from the Penn Central, who had inherited them from the Pennsylvania. The N8 looks very much like a stretched N5C with the distinctive streamlined cuploa. There are three easy spotting features to tell the two apart. The N8 has longer end platforms with "shields", square side windows and a smaller cupola than the N5C.

CR 23511 - Class N8B at Hershey, PA
CR 23511 - Class N8B at Palmyra, PA
CR 23511b - Class N8B at Palmyra, PA
Conrail N8B Caboose 23512 sits on the old Piermont branch in a late winter snowstorm in Suffern, NY 4/1996
CR 23515 - Class N8B
Former New Haven NE-5 buggy brings up the rear on NHSE, natch, what better train to be on? Dedicated New Haven fans will NEVER forgive PC for the attack on our sensibilities that these "modified" ex NH cabooses exhibit. This is an N8B.
CR 23536 - Class N8B at Allentown, PA
CR 23540 - Class N8B
CR 23359 is seen on the Wilmington & Western at Marshallton DE on 6/22/97. Caboose is ex PC 23359/PRR 478064 and was built 5-51. Caboose is privately owned.
CR 23567 - Class N8B
CR 23567 - Class N8B
CR 23575 - Class N8B
Ex New Haven NE-5 buggy tacked on to, what else, SENH in Pittsfield, MA. on May 18, 1986. One wonders why these ex NH cabooses were lumped in with the ex Pennsy stuff in class N8. 23575 is an N8B.
CR 23578 - Class N8B at Palmyra, PA
CR 23578 - Class N8B
CR 23578 - Class N8B
CR 23578 - Class N8B
CR 23578 - Class N8B.jpg
The end was near for cabooses. An N8 brings up the rear of OIEL as it heads up the hill out of Hornell.
An N8 class caboose on the back of OIEL passes the Canisteo depot.
Former RDG GP-30 2174 and CR N8B class cabin 23613 (ex-NH 628) move through Morrisville yard in July, 1978.
CR 23620 - Class N8B at Landisville, PA
CR 23620 - Class N8B
CR 23631 - Class N8A
Conrail class N8A caboose 23640 on rear of an eastbound freight at Hudson Lake, IN, in November 1981. Doug Davidson photo with permission
CR 23644 - Class N8A
CR 23644 - Class N8A
CR 23644 - Class N8B at Lancaster, PA
CR 23644 - Class N8B at Lancaster, PA
CR 23644 - Class N8B
CR 23664 is seen at Lancaster PA on 12/12/97. Caboose is ex PC 23664/NH 663 and was built 4-48. Would later go to NS after the split.
CR 23647 - Class N8A
CR 23657 is seen in Rose Yard in Altoona PA on 10/5/97. Car is ex PC 23657/NH 680 and was built 5-48.
CR 23657 is seen at Altoona, PA on 6/7/97. Car is ex PC 23657/HN 680, built 5-48 and was deleted by CR on 9/5/98.
CR 23657 is seen at Altoona, PA on 6/7/97. Car is ex PC 23657/HN 680, built 5-48 and was deleted by CR on 9/5/98.
Conrail SD40 6261 (ex-PC 6261) is shoving Class N8A caboose 23667 around Bennington Curve in 1984.
Still in PC green, but with a small "Conrail" above the bay, this former New Haven caboose (ex NYNH&H 709) will get a coat of blue.
Former New Haven NE-5, CR N8B buggy 23552 on the rear of RESE splits the block signals at the Hinsdale crossovers near MP 140 in Hinsdale, MA. on March 6, 1982.
N8 van 23376 on the rear of BOEL in Becket, MA. on 11/28/81.
N8 cabin car 23362 on the rear of an abbreviated extra 6175 west. The short train is headed across the Connecticut River for West Springfield yard. The tracks curving away to the left are Amtrak's former New Haven RR route to New Haven.
CR 6242 shoves against N8 van 23239 on a westbound at Bancroft, MA. on Nov. 8, 1980. Compare the condition of the 6242 here against Mike Stellpflug's shot at Canisteo, NY. 2 1/2 years earlier. The "PENN CENTRAL" and "PC" lettering is showing through and the "CR" patch on the nose has been reapplied in a different letter style.
N8B buggy 23514 tagging along at the rear of the extra 6265 east at Hinsdale summit on June 22, 1980.
Conrail SD40 6294 is passing class N8 caboose 23357 on 2-23-87 at Allentown, PA. Photo by Kermit Geary
SD40-2 6395 leans into N8 van 23395 on the rear of the extra 6348 west in Middlefield, MA.
N8 van 23304 brings up the marker on RESE at Bancroft, MA. on March 13, 1982.
Conrail is only a couple of months old in this June 1976 view at Meadville, Pa, so the cab track still looks EL. The lineup includes C881, C263, and C196, Conrail class N8D, N3A, and N3. Three variations of EL paint schemes are seen here, but hands down my favorite was the C881, which unfortunately spent little time under Conrail ownership. The C263 shows as still existing, in of all places Veto, Alabama.
Looking like many other EL cabooses that received this scheme, this one will forever stand out as it was the last piece of EL rolling stock to get a full EL paint job. It was released from Meadville on 03-31-1976, the day before C-day. It would be assigned class N8D under Conrail, although I can't find any record of it being renumbered or painted blue. CR sold it in September 1979.
Former DL&W car built by the Lackawanna, so I don't know what's up with the "ACF" emblem on it. It's still in former Lackawanna territory though at Dover, New Jersey.
A Conrail local freight is seen servicing the Hershey Chocolate Plant at Hershey, PA, in May 1996. The caboose appears to be an old N8B. Doug Davidson photo with permission

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