N8 (ex Penn Central / ex-PRR) Cabooses

Conrail's N8 cabooses came from the Penn Central, who had inherited them from the Pennsylvania. The N8 looks very much like a stretched N5C with the distinctive streamlined cuploa. There are three easy spotting features to tell the two apart. The N8 has longer end platforms with "shields", square side windows and a smaller cupola than the N5C.

CR 23244 in Middlefield, MA. on 12/27/80.

Ex Pennsy cabin cars 23244 (N8) and 22962 (N5B) on the rear of the extra 1986 west at Bancroft, MA. on Dec. 27, 1980.

CR 1910 in Windsor Locks, CT. on 9/7/88. (2)

CR N8B 23531, an ex New Haven NE-5 buggy is on home rails at Windsor Locks, CT. Operating on Amtrak territory requires the caboose.

CR 22836 - Class N5B

Conrail class N5B caboose 22836 is seen at the end of a caboose deadline in Rutherford, PA in 1983.

CR 23166, 18807 and 23238 on the High Line next to 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, PA. Sometime in 1977

"Somebody Call A Cab?"

Conrail N5C (Ex PC, PRR ) #23166, N4A (Ex Reading) #18807, and Penn Central N8 #23238 are in the middle of a freight train on the High Line next to 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, PA. Sometime in 1977

CR 23200 - Class N8

CR 23200 ex PC 23200/PRR 478153.

CR 23201 - Class N8

Former PC 23201/PRR 478124 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 11/13/1983.

CR 23202 - Class N8

CR 23202 ex PC 23202/PRR 478129.

CR 23202 - Class N8

Former PC 23202/PRR 478129 at West Brownsville, PA on 2/4/1989.

CR 23204 - class N8

A pair of CR cabooses, N6A 18099 and N8 23204, trail SDP45 6699 (ex-EL 3668) as they roll down Horseshoe Curve in September, 1977. Photo by permission from Andrew J. Erlichman.

CR 23209 - Class N8

CR 23209 ex PC 23209/PRR 478111.

CR 23210 - Class N8

Former PC 23210/PRR 478201 is at Riverdale, IL on 6/27/76.

CR 23215

CR 23215 in service. N8 Class. Author and location unknown.

CR 23215 - Class N8

CR 23215 currently in Juniata Terminal RR. Class N8.

CR 23219 4-89 Madison, IN

CR 23219 4-89 Madison, IN CRHS Collection

CR 23223

Conrail class N8 caboose 23223 brings up the rear of an eastbound freight on the IHB at LaGrange, IL, in July 1983. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 23233 - class N8

CR SD-45 6198 pushes hard on N8 class cabin 23233 in Horseshoe action May, 1977.

Many extra railfans were present this day as an excursion of restored RDG 4-8-4 #2102 was planned to pass through.

CR 23239 - Class N8

Former PC 23239/PRR 478199 in storage at Rutherford, PA on 6/5/1983.

CR 23243 - Class N8

Former PC 23243/PRR 478126 at Cresson, PA on 4/29/1984.

CR 23248 - Class N8

CR 23248 ex PC 23248/PRR 478142.

CR 23291-23298 King of Prussia, PA 2-15-1982

D&H 7314, 2316 and 404 pass an ex-PRR N8 cabin as they roll through Abrams yard on President's day, 1982.

Although the last digit in the N8's number is hard to make out in this view, the cabin's number is in the series 23291-23298.

CR 23293 - Class N8

Former PC 23293/PRR 478062 is seen at Franklin St. in Steelton, PA on 5/28/1983.

CR 23294 - Class N8

Conrail class N8 caboose 23294 is seen at Cresson, PA in 1984.

CR 23294 - Class N8

CR 23294 ex PC 23294/PRR 478023.

CR 23324 - Class N8

CR 23324 ex PC 23324/PRR 478092.

CR 23339 - class N8

CR SD35 6023 and SD40 6341 push hard on N-8 class cabin 23339 (ex-PRR 478055) as they head up Horseshoe in March, 1978.

CR 23342 at Morrisville, PA in 1984

Conrail SW1500 9615 and class N8 caboose 23342 are seen at Morrisville Yard in 1984

CR 23353 - Class N8

Conrail class N8 caboose is seen at Bennington Curve in 1983.

CR 23359 - Class N8

CR 23359 ex PC 23359/PRR 478064.

CR 23359-Class N8

CR 23359 is seen on the Wilmington & Western at Marshallton DE on 1/18/98. Caboose is ex PC 23359/PRR 478064 and was built 5-51. Caboose is privately owned.

CR 23362 at Washington, MA. on 12/31/86.

Ex PRR N8 23362 ensconced in MBSE traveling through Washington, MA. on New Year's eve, 1986. Of interest also, is that gon still sporting RDG reporting marks 10 years after CR startup.

CR 23362 Springfield, MA. on 5/16/79.

N8 cabin car 23362 on the rear of an abbreviated extra 6175 west. The short train is headed across the Connecticut River for West Springfield yard. The tracks curving away to the left are Amtrak's former New Haven RR route to New Haven.

CR 23372 - Class N8

Former PC 23372/PC 4702/PRR 478138 at Rutherford, PA on 10/10/1983. Its days are likely numbered; note the entire draft gear is gone on this end.

CR 23374 - Class N8

CR 23374 - Class N8 at Northumberland, PA

CR 23374 - Class N8

CR 23374 - Class N8 at Northumberland, PA

CR 23378

Conrail SD40-2 6372 is seen shoving against N8 caboose 23378 on a westbound train on Horseshoe Curve in 1981. A short Amtrak train is cruising east to make its station stop in Altoona.

CR 23378 - Class N8

CR 23378 ex PC 23378/PRR 478144.

CR 23382 - Class N8

Former PC 23382/PC 4711:2/PRR 478136 coupled to Jordan Spreader CR 64621 at Cresson, PA on 1/27/1985.

CR 23382 - Class N8

Former PC 23382/PC 4711:2/PRR 478136 coupled to Jordan Spreader CR 64621 at Cresson, PA on 1/27/1985.

CR 23383 - Class N8

CR 23383 ex PC 23383/PC 4719/PRR 478164.

CR 23389 at Porter, IN

Conrail class N8 cabin car 23389 at speed through Porter, IN, in September 1981. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 23390 - Class N8

Conrail class N8 caboose 23390 is in the deadlines at Rutherford, PA in 1983.

CR 23394 - Class N8

Former PC 23394/PC 4721:2/PRR 478080 was at West Detroit, MI in December 1976.

CR 23508 - Class N8B

CR 23508 - Class N8B at Newport, PA

CR 23508 at Cresson, PA

Conrail class N8B caboose No. 23508 is seen on a work train at Cresson, PA, in August 1995. Doug Davidson photo with permission

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