N3A Cabooses

Built by the Erie Railroad at their Dunmore, PA shops in 1945-46, the N3A class was given CR 19653-78 on the roster.

An ex EL painted out caboose. It does not fit in the N3A number sequence, but looks like one.
It didn't take long for ex E-L N3A 19654 to find the paint booth, October, 1976.
CR 19659 ex EL C225.
Former EL C196, now CR 19660, is in Akron, Ohio and sporting a chalked on "Erie" diamond. Old allegiances die hard I guess. Note the "valley" stencil under the number.
CR 19662 ex EL C237.
CR 19662 ex EL C237.
A pair of GP38-2's leads a string of cabooses south, probably to Renovo, PA. Cabooses include: Class N7A 21769 (ex PC 21769/NYC 20483), Class N3A 19674 (ex EL C263) and 3 that look to be N4's. Emporium, PA 12/1994
CR 19674 ex EL C263.
CR 19674 ex EL C263.
CR 19676 ex EL C260.
CR 19676 ex EL C260.

46101 is an ex-EL caboose wearing an "R" designation, meaning it's in restricted service (as also evidenced by its MOW gray paint job. These specially designated cars were to be kept to special service due to their ages or conditions. In this case, probably the friction bearing trucks.


One of the rare ex-EL N-3A cabooses holds down an assignment on the Greenwood Branch alongside an ex-Reading MP15DC.

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