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The N21 class were the only cabooses bought new by Conrail, numbering 113 cars in the series 21201-21313. These cabooses were built by FGE at Alexandria, VA.

CR 21292-Class N21

CR 21292 is seen at Delmar, DE on 3/28/98. Car was built 9-78.

CR 21292-Class N21

CR 21292 is seen at Delmar, DE on 3/28/98. Car was built 9-78.

CR 21292-Class N21 (Left end)

The left end of CR 21292 is seen at Delmar, DE on 3/28/98. The stenciling under the Quailty logo says " O. I. Car Shop Newark, NJ".

CR 21292-Class N21 (Right end)

The right end of CR 21292 is seen at Delmar, DE on 3/28/98.

CR 21297 - Class N21

CR 21297 is seen at the west end of Enola Yard on 12/31/1983.

CR 21303

Caboose 21303, whose red paint has morphed into a dull orange, brings up the rear of the 2016 Toys for Tots train that is leaving the ex Walkill Valley branch at Campbell Hall and entering the Erie Graham Line. A quick eastward dash will allow the train to curve south on the ex-L&HR main.

CR 21303 Allentown, Pa. August, 1990

Conrail N21 caboose with the CR "Labor/Management Project" 'Handshake' decal, Allentown Yard, August 1,1990

CR 21303 Secaucus, NJ 8-17-1979

N21 class cabin CR 21303 and a sister bay window caboose rest behind CR NW-2 9010 (ex-EL 448) at Secaucus, NJ in August, 1979.

CR 21305 - Class N21

CR 21305 is on the end of a Trailvan train passing Reily St. in Harrisburg, PA on 3/4/1982. Note the mix of locomotives visible in the background.

CR 21308 - Class N21

CR 21308 rests in the yard at Shiremanstown, PA on 10/8/1988.

CR 21309 - Class N21

CR 21309 stored at Rutherford, PA on 11/26/1988.

CR 21312 - Class N21

CR 21312 at Rutherford, PA on 6/18/1983.

CR 21312 - Class N21

CR 21312 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 8/27/1983.

CR 24040 N10 and 21313 N21 Motor 10-09

Two Conrail survivors got paired up this week at work, N10 # 24040 and N21 #21313. The N21 class was the only class of caboose purchased new by Conrail. Basically just shoving platforms these days, the stories these two could tell though....

CR 3092 in Washington, MA. on 2/20/82. (2)

"Real" CR N21 van 21267 on the rear of SENH at MP 138 in Washington, MA. on Feb. 20, 1982.

CR 3231 at Bancroft, MA. on 1/10/81. (2)

Class N21 21269 protects the rear of the extra 3231 west at Bancroft, MA. on Jan. 10, 1981. Ah, yes, the "good 'ol days" with the "see-through" autoracks......

CR 3262 in Hinsdale, MA. on 7/23/83. (2)

N21 van 21206 protects the rear of NHSE-X at the Hinsdale crossovers.

CR 6457 and CR 6497 Tunnelhill, PA 1981

Conrail SD40-2s 6457 and 6497 are seen with class N21 caboose 21248 at Bennington Curve, PA in 1981.

CR 6566 in Chester, MA. on 1/25/86. (2)

N21 class van 21204 brings up the rear of NHSE with a pair of M2 "Cosmopolitan" commuter cars enroute to outside work.

CR 6605 at Bancroft, MA. on 7/16/83. (3)

N21 van 21287 on NHSE at Bancroft, MA. on July 16, 1983. We'll take a quick run up to Hinsdale to see if we can get another shot of the train...

CR 6666 (2) at Canaan, NY. on 8/18/84.

N21 van 21204 caps the rear of BAL786 at Flint's xing in Canaan, NY. on Aug. 18, 1984.

CR 8122 in Washington, MA. on 2/19/83. (2)

N21 21271 on the rear of PWSE at Ballou's on Feb. 19, 1983.

CR 8655 Sayre, PA 2/12/1978

An ex LV SW-900m switches the yard and a caboose sits on the end of a train.

CR N21 21269, November 16, 2009

While cleaning out the Scale Class yard at Altoona, this damaged N21 was removed and now sits all by itself at the west end of the Scale Class for now. This is one of three cabooses remaining in Altoona that are 'unpreserved.'

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