Preserving Lucknow

During January of 2008 I decided I needed to get into Conrail's once busy Lucknow Welding, Cropping and Dismantling Rail Mill near Harrisburg, PA to document the condition of the plant on the 10 year anniversary of its closure. I made a few phone calls and received permission onto the property from Norfolk Southern with cameras, batteries and camcorder in tow. After nearly 300 photographs and several hours of documentation completed, I departed the property with many of the images you see in the gallery.

Little information is available regarding the work that went on at the mill and even less information was uncovered during the research phase for the Lucknow article. Fortunately, most of the facility has remained untouched since its closure in 1998, unfortunately however, most all recollections by the employees within the Harrisburg area have, like the facility itself, fallen by the wayside but we hope to find them as time goes on.

Several individual buildings make up the Lucknow facility, including:

- Rail Dismantling Building
- Rail Cropping Plant
- Straightener Operator
- Inspection and Classification

Thanks to the un-ending support of Norfolk Southern, the CRHS was able to acquire all of the signs from Lucknow. This includes the massive Conrail Lucknow Welding, Cropping and Dismantling Rail Mill sign that ran the length of the crane and the signs along Industrial Road. Many thanks to the employees at Norfolk Southern for allowing the CRHS to preserve another piece of Conrail history.

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