GE B36-7

Purchased by Conrail to power its hotshot piggyback trains, these sixty units spent many years doing just that. Built in 1983, with 3,600 horsepower and GE's floating bolster trucks, the fleet survived (minus four or five units due to wrecks) right until the split in 1999. While the remaining 55 or 56 units saw brief service on CSX and NS, their new claim to fame is in Brazil, where 44 have been rebuilt into BB36-7's featuring a four foot frame addition on each end of the locomotive to clear and extra two axle truck for narrow gauge EFVM.

CR 3336 at Altoona, PA. on 7/26/87.

TV-4 rolling through Altoona station on the evening of July 26, 1987.

CR 3341 Leads MAIL-3 in Cresson, PA, 10/86

Here a westbound Mail-3 rolls through the semi-famous Route 53 crossing in Cresson PA. This view was taken from around the corner from the iconic shot though, providing a somewhat different angle on this popular location.

CR 3392 West Haverstraw, NY 6/93

GP40-2 3392 leads TVLA-6 up the main at West Haverstraw, NY

CR 3399 Tomkins Cove, NY 2/93

GP40-2 3399 leads TV-80 on its Friday only southbound trek on the River Line. Hoppers were set out for Orange Rockland Gas & Electric..

CR 3401 Duncannon, PA 4/85

Mail 9 westbound on track two at View... Conrail's 9th birthday...

CR 5000 at Cresson, PA 1986

Conrail B36-7 5000 is trailing on a westbound TV train at Cresson, PA in 1986. The trio of B36s have just notched out and are doing their best to put an ALCo to shame.

CR 5000 at Mifflin, PA in 1993

Conrail B36-7 5000 is seen trailing on a westbound TV train at Mifflin, PA in 1993.

CR 5000 Harrisburg, PA 4-24-1984

CR B36-7 5000, less than a year old, rests in lines of power at Harrisburg in April, 1984.

CR 5000 Harrisburg, PA 4-24-1984

CR B36-7 5000, less than a year old, rests in lines of power at Harrisburg in April, 1984.

CR 5001 meets CNW 5070 W.Haverstraw, NY 1-7-1991

TVLA-7 with B36-7 5001 meets TV204 with CNW 5070 @ West Haverstraw, NY

CR 5002

CR 5002 at Bloomington, IL May 9, 1999. Todd Pendleton photo, Chris Howe collection

CR 5002 at Juniata

5002 (B36-7) shown at JLS in Altoona, PA pn May 26th, 1994. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.

CR 5002 leads a TV Train through CP Bethlehem

Conrail B36-7 5002 is seen leading an eastbound TV train through Bethlehem, PA

CR 5003 at Lewistown, PA

Conrail B36-7 5003 is seen leading a westbound auto parts train at Lewistown, PA in 1992.

CR 5004 & 5048 on RR-282 at Conemaugh, PA 8/20/98.

CR 5004 & 5048 are seen on RR-282 at Conemaugh, PA on 8/20/98.

CR 5004 on RR-282 at Conemaugh, PA 8/20/98

CR 5004 is seen on RR-282 at Conemaugh, PA on 8/20/98.

CR 5005 and two sisters bring a westbound Conrail intermodal train upgrade past MG Tower on 9/84.

I was equally as fond of the B36-7s on Conrail, as I was on Seaboard System. As a matter of fact, it was by testing four Conrail units, as well as four MP GP50s, that Seaboard made its decision to purchase the B36-7s. Three of the units bring a westbound Conrail intermodal train upgrade past MG Tower on Sept. 8, 1984.

CR 5006 Berea 1991

B36-7 5006 leads an eastbound past the Berea tower in 1991. The NS unit in this picture had earlier come up the 4-C line with a short train with a Schnabel car.

CR 5006 Waterloo, IN

Westbound Conrail freight led by 5006 at Waterloo, IN in July 1996

CR 5007 Allentown, Pa 11-1994

CR 5007 is on the point of ALHB at CP-BURN in Allentown, Pa 11/1994

CR 5008 on Bryan local Stryker, OH

The Bryan local with the 5008 for power poses on the bridge over the Tiffin river in Stryker, OH back in March 1996. This is the same engine that I got on a RR241 a month earlier by Van Wert, OH.

CR 5009 in Hinsdale, MA. on 9/3/93.

What you often get when you "wipe the throttle" on a GE. B36-7 5009 has a little "heartburn" with TV-9 at MP 139 in Hinsdale, MA. on Sept.3, 1993.

CR 5009 west ML 401 Waverly 2 05221994

ML 401 rolls west through Waverly on the Tier. 91 racks trail the three GE's.

CR 5011 on the Pittsburgh Line in 1984

Conrail B36-7 5011 is trailing on an westbound TV train crossing the Little Conemaugh River on the viaduct between South Fork and Mineral Point in 1984. The train must have been a heavy one, since there are helpers ahead of the trio of B-boats serving as road power.

CR 5013 at Hagerstown MD 2/11/98

CR 5013 is seen at Hagerstown MD on 2/11/98.

CR 5013 on a UP coal train south of Tuscola, IL

CR 5013, another CR EMD, and a DRGW SD40T-2 powers a southbound UP coal train south of Tuscola, IL on December 18, 1997. This train came from the Nipsco plant in Wheatfield, IN as it was a unit train of NORX cars.

CR 5014 in Becket, MA. on 7/25/92. (1)

B36-7 5014 leads westbound BOSE at MP 129 in Becket, MA. on July 25, 1992.

CR 5014 in Becket, MA. on 7/25/92. (2)

BOSE continues past MP 129 in Becket, MA. on July 25, 1992. ConRail, like it's predecessors, had a proclivity for using the B&A as a testing ground for new power. The New York Central borrowed a set of German built Krauss-Maffei diesel hydraulics from the Rio Grande back in the '50's to test on this route. The combination of tonnage, grades, and curvature proved to be more than the, relatively, delicate diesel hydraulic drive could handle. And, of course, in 1926 the world's first 2-8-4 steam loco, Lima's "Super Power" A-1 would be named after these hills in western Massachusetts. The Boston & Albany would acquire 60 of them and adopt Lima's designation as their class....A1a, A1b, and A1c.

CR 5015 along Mohawk 4/92

B36-7 sisters 5015 and 5056 lead a westbound freight along the Chicago Line near Palatine Bridge NY

CR 5015 with ML411 on the Buffalo Line, 4/94

Buffalo line, CP Stoney - Dauphin, Pennsylvania, USA
April 23, 1994
B36-7 5015
With a pair of B36-7s bracketing a CSX SD50 and a CR U23B bringing up the rear, a classic Conrail (and PRR, if you add the position signal) scene is captured on the Buffalo Line back in '94.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 5016 at Altoona, PA 6/7/97

Wrecked CR 5016 is seen at Altoona, PA on 6/7/97.

CR 5017 Ft Montgomery NY Oct 1986

B36-7 5017 leads SB TV across Popolopen Creek Ft Montgomery NY

CR 5018 leads BRSE-1 at N. Kingsville, OH

Conrail 5018 leads Eastbound BRSE-1 on track #1 near MP 120.2 in North Kingsville, Ohio.

CR 5019 at Altoona PA 10/5/97

CR 5019 is seen leading a WB at Altoona PA on 10/5/97.

CR 5019 on PILA-6 at Antis, PA 1/26/99

CR 5019, 6767 & 6427 are seen on PILA-6 at Antis, PA on 1/26/99.

CR 5020 at Cresson, PA

Conrail B36-7 5020 is leading a westbound TV train through Cresson, PA in 1986.

CR 5021 at Rockville in 1990

Conrail B36-7 5021 is seen leading a long Mail9H at Rockville Bridge on 10/20/1990

CR 5021 Lilly, PA 6/85

TV-3M drops downgrade through Lilly, Pa

CR 5022 West Homestead, PA 10/13/1997

Plenty of blue here. From the 3 blue units, the bright blue sky, and the dark blue building in the background. CR 5022 leads a USS-323 loaded coke train that originated at the Clairton Coke Works. The train is on the Mon Line at West Homestead, PA. This area has been highly developed commercially and is now known as the Waterfront.

CR 5023 at Glenfield, PA

A lengthy train of Clairton coke rolls west on the busy Fort Wayne Line.

CR 5023 Browns Crossing, NY 12/15/1985

TV-202 kicks up the snow as it runs wrong main and passes the double semaphores at 318.

CR 5024 in Hinsdale, MA. on 9/26/98. (1)

B36-7 5024 leads a mixed lash-up with ML482 at the summit in Hinsdale, MA. on Sept. 26, 1998. UP SD40-2 3326 trails. GE B36-7's were never common on the B&A. CR tried them out on the Boston line when they were new, as they did with the B40-8's, but must have come to the conclusion that the high horsepower 4 axles weren't suited to the grades and curves of the route.

CR 5024 west ML 401 Owego 11051994

ML 401 rolls west with 98 racks behind three GE's on a typically gloomy Southern Tier day.

CR 5025 at Lebanon, PA

CR 5025 eastbound through Lebanon, PA. Brian Saul photo

CR 5025 Leads TV3M at Horseshoe Curve, 5/86

Like the GP40-2, the B36-7 was suited to hauling lighter, faster trains. Here, three of them charge up Horseshoe Curve in the late spring of 1986.

CR 5025 on LAP1-5X at Altoona, PA 1/26/99

CR 5025 is seen on LAPI-5X at Altoona, PA on 1/26/99 .

CR 5025 Tomkins Cove, NY 7/93

TV-LA makes its daily except Monday run to Chicago and west.

CR 5027 at Horseshoe Curve in 1993

Conrail B36-7 5027 is seen leading a westbound freight around Horseshoe Curve in 1993. The presence of the auto frames on the head end means this train could have been ALPI-F.

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