EMD SD40-2R Rebuilds

In 1993 Conrail began rebuilding 40 SD40's to the improved Dash-2 specifications, and renumbered them into the 6960 -6999 series. 30 of the units were rebuilt from Conrail's own SD40's, while 10 additional SD40's were of former Kansas City Southern heritage purchased from PAC Rail leasing. The 3,000hp units have individual subtleties to them such as the type of handbrake and placement, air horn type and cab vent. The units were then leased to Conrail from PACRail.

Conrail SD40-2R #6987 in Hillside NJ on the Lehigh Line. Exact date unknown
ML-430 (6993) holds the siding as SEOI-8 (1986) runs by on the main..
BUOI rolls along the Canisteo River with 98 cars at Browns Crossing, near MP 319. Next stop is Gang Mills, where it will set out and pick up.
CGAL and a few of its 71 cars that day seen from a vantage point on the Wyalusing Rocks, near their namesake town.
The trains that ran the Lehigh Line had several incarnations over the years. Variously, they were ALCG/CGAL, which was the symbol most commonly used. As traffic levels ebbed and flowed, service was tweaked, the end points were adjusted, with OICG/CGOI and ALBU/BUAL being used. We see the latter here arriving at Gang Mills with 69 cars. He'll work here, and leave after a crew change for Allentown, via Sayre and the Lehigh Gorge.
A trio of SD's lead a short(41 car) BUOI past Endicott Forge as it blows for the Hayes Av crossing.
I got 'em all on this train!! SV 20 rolls toward the NY 17C overpass in west Endicott behind all three variants of SD 40 then extant on the railroad. The leader is an SD40R, followed by an SD40-2, then a straight SD 40 of CNJ heritage. They are leading 127 mostly APL stack platforms, followed by 10 COFC.
SD40-2R 6961 leads tonnage southward on the River Line in Fort Montgomery, NY. on Oct.22, 1994. The train is crossing Popolopen Creek, having just exited the short tunnel on the north side.
Conrail 6965 rests between assignments at Conrail's Ashtabula Harbor Ohio Yard.
The SD40-2R leading ML 486 rests under the Chenango St bridge as it waits for the new crew to come on for the remainder of the trip to Jersey. In the background is the former DL&W station, now privately owned and occupied by offices. Today's train also has CR 6728 and 3342 for power, rolling 35 stack platforms and 26 auto racks to Doremus Av.
In one of those "hold up the camera and pray" shots, I caught this westbound empty coal train approaching CP GIBSON along NY 17. I had been pacing it since I saw it coming around the curve at Horseheads, and I got up to the head end just as I went under the NY 352 bridge at the east end of Corning. I don't recommend this!!
SD40-2R 6969 leads NESE out of the cut and past Washington depot at 13:42 on Jan. 4, 1994.
A single SD40 rebuild takes two cars east out of the gathering gloom, heading for Buffalo with a car of pipe and a car of panel track.
Conrail SD40-2Rs Nos. 6971 and 6972 have the WDGI local train in tow near MP 490 on the Chciago Line near Dunes, IN, in September 1998. These two engines were permanently assigned to this local job, which was based out of Gibson yard and ran to New Carlisle, IN to service Inland Steel. The CSS&SB(Chicago, South Shore, & South Bend) is in the foreground. Doug Davidson photo with permission
A westbound Conrail WDGI steel train behind SD40-2R Nos. 6971 and 6972 approaching Clark Road in Gary, in September 1998. Doug Davidson photo with permission
Rebuilt SD40-2R 6972 leads SEBO over the top in Hinsdale center by MP 142 at 07:04 on July 2, 1994.
SEBO in Hinsdale center at 07:04 on July 2, 1994.
CR 6972 and 6971 leads steel train WDGI-1 at LaPorte, IN on January 7, 1997. These two engines were the assigned power to this train, which ran steel coils to a local steel mill near Burns Harbor, IN.
BUBI-5 is at Gang Mills, NY, led by SD40-2R 6975 and SD50s 6775 + 6763. 6/1996
CR 6979 (ex CR 6355/PC 6102/PRR 6102) is seen at Edgemoor, DE in May of 1998. This is the only SD40-2R to get Quality.
After Conrail single tracked the Tier west of Waverly, that town became a frequent meet point. This afternoon is a case in point. We see eastbound BUBI, a short turn out of Frontier with Binghamton cars, meeting CP 557, behind SOO 768/CP 1837, the trailing unit an RS18u. He got stabbed badly here, having to wait for, in order, CP 252, at that time a stack train that ran from Buffalo to Binghamton, then getting an NYSW crew for the trip to Little Ferry; then ML 440, 78 auto racks behind CR 6709/NS 8802/CR 5556; and this 24 car train we see here. The trailing unit on BUBI, out of sight, is CR 3269.
TV-6 has just passed MP 68 in Brookfield, MA., about 1 mile west of Brookfield station on June 11, 1994.
HBBU-5 is passing the classic old church at Shinntown behind SD40-2R 6981, SD40-2 6436 and SD40-2 6393. 10/1993
CR 6982 (former CR 6300/PC 6047/PRR 6047) is seen at Harrington, DE on 3/28/98.
CR 6983 (ex CR 6346/PC 6093/PRR 6093) is seen at Harrington, DE on 3/28/98.
Conrail 6990 is on the point of SENS at Bogota, NJ 8/1994
Conrail SD40-2R 6993 is trailing on a westbound auto parts train as it leaves the west end of DeWitt Yard at Minoa, NY
CR 6997 is on the point of ALHB at CP-BURN in Allentown, Pa 10/1995
Conrail's Woodville Job WDTO-12, led by SD40-2R 6998, is seen approaching Union Street just east of Walbridge Tower in Walbridge, OH on the Carrouthers Secondary (former PRR), in August 1997. The cars on the left side are parked at the nearby CSX ex C&O Walbridge yard office which was recently demolished in 2010. Doug Davidson photo with permission

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